Program 9th september 2022

09.00 – 10.00:  Keynote presentation: Phanish Puranam

10.00 – 10.15:  Coffee break

10.15 – 11.30:  Third round of parallel sessions

Session 3.1: Care: Performance and quality of working life
Ralf van den Ouweland, Lander Vermeerbergen, Luc Hagenaars, Eddy Adang and Patrick JeurisenA Scoping Review into the organization of Healthcare Administration in Hospitals
Sabine van Houdt, Fien Dams and Lieven EeckelaertImproving workability in residential care settings by providing teams and staff more autonomy
Ceciel Heijkants, Astrid de Wind, Madelon van Hooff, Sabine Geurts and Cécile BootTeam and Organisational Level Workplace Interventions Aimed at Improving Sustainable Employability of Aged Care Staff: A Systematic Review
Session 3.2: Flexibility, industrial relations and work design
Matthijs Moorkamp, Kristina Lauche, Sylvi Thun and Johan RavnThe competitive flexibility (Com-flex) project: interrelations between the structuring of organizations, industrial relations, and flexibility towards sustainability transitions
Sabina Hodzic and Bettina KubicekWhen teams work flexibly: the role of team members’ availability for team performance
Yennef Vereycken, Anne Guisset and Monique RamioulThe same but different: understanding variation and similarity in the outcomes of technological innovation
Marte Holmemo and Hanne FinnestrandHow organization structure facilitates structures for organization learning capability

11.30 – 12.45: Fourth round of parallel sessions 

Session 4.1: Technology and work
Asiya AliJack of all trades, master of none: How the current digital transformation strategies implemented are putting the future of civil engineers in the construction industry at risk.
Stefan de HondtIs Industry 5.0 the sociotechnical turn our industry needs?
Gina Lindstad, Jonas Ingvaldsen and Marta HolmemoContinuous adaptation of analytical technologies through contact centers
Andrea Eriksson, Lotta Dellve, Katrin Skagert and Anna WilliamssonHow digital conditions and digital climate impact engagement, trust and performance for those who work from home following the COVID-19 pandemic
Session 4.2: Quality of work life and performance
Arcadius-Florin Muntean, Mihai Tucaliuc, Petru CurșeuA social support and resource drain exploration of the bright and dark sides of teachers’ organizational citizenship behaviours
Milou Habraken, Ezra Dessers and Geert van HootegemTowards repeated micro-surveys for measuring job quality
Sabine Van Houdt and Frank De CraeckerThe impact of vision and process on organizational, team and job design in residential care settings
Cătălina Oțoiu, Claudia Rus, Lucia Rațiu, Sorina Florea and Dragoș ȘterPerformance and satisfaction in student teams: The role of expected performance, team entitativity, cross-understanding and learning behaviour

12.45 – 13.45: Lunch

13.45 – 15.00: Interactive session (open space)

15.00 – 16.00: Drinks