Book of abstracts IWOT22 – 2018 [last year in Leiden]

Oeij_ea_Book of Abstracts IWOT22_2018

Book of abstracts contains abstracts, participants and program

Theme 2018: Teamworking and Technology at Work

Today’s work faces both disruptive and incremental innovations regards new technology – such as digitisation, robotics, nanotechnology, Internet-of-Things, Big Data, and Blockchain, just to mention a few -, and new organisational forms like platforms, networks, project based organisations, and web-based/virtual organisations. These developments will have significant consequences for teamworking and the work of team members. The 22nd edition of the International Workshop on Teamworking provides a forum for discussing the origins, causes and effects of ‘new technology and work’ for teamworking and the organisation and execution of team work and working in teams.



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